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mypeople is the desktop version of the smartphone app mypeople Messenger, which you can use to send text and voice messages to all your friends.

In addition to having individual conversations, mypeople allows you to create groups so that you can chat with various friends at the same time. Setting up a group is very similar to the way in which you would do it using Whatsapp Messenger.

The fun part about using mypeople is, just like LINE, this app has more than 500 different stickers that you can add to your messages. The style of these stickers is similar to the LINE stickers, and they're sure to make you smile.

Just like with the LINE desktop app, you'll need to have the normal app already installed on your Android or iOS device. That's because to use the desktop version, you'll have to enter a verification code that is sent to your phone.

mypeople is an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a good way to stay in touch with their friends and family. And its stickers are much funnier than the ones you have using LINE.
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